Alternative Business Finance

Capify is a provider of business finance to SMEs across the UK, and we’ve been partnered with them for over 8 years.

If you need to place a large stock order, invest in some new equipment, or pay for a complete refurbishment; they can provide you with anywhere from £3,500 to £150,000.

Interested in finding out some more information? Take a look at their website.


The Perfect Match

Our partnership with Capify is a perfect match. They offer a unique product called the Merchant Cash Advance which is a great option for business owners that accept regular credit and debit card payments.

The Merchant Cash Advance is paid back in small amounts every working day; the amount which is taken fluctuates depending on how much is processed through the card terminal.

On a slow day Capify will take less, and on a busier day it will be more! It’s finance that protects cash flow, and ensures owners never have to save for a large monthly repayment.

What comes to mind when you think about a business loan, it’s probably the large monthly repayments?

Capify provides a business loan which is different from all others. It can be paid back in very small amounts each day, or each week. This makes it far more manageable and ensures that cash flow is protected. It also means that owners of Limited companies can focus on their business, without worrying about saving large amounts of money.

Capify’s small business loan is easy to apply for and simple to pay back. Repayment terms range from 6 – 12 months.



Why Choose Us

At United Merchant Services, we value every customer and want to provide you with best solution for your business. That’s why we have specialist teams who calculate a personalised rate that will ensure you are never paying more than you need to. All we need are a few details, your previous statements and we do all the hard work.

We’re trusted by thousands of small and
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We take pride in working with thousands of UK businesses, and we really appreciate what they say about out
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