Winter Is Coming! Get Ready Early

Winter Is Coming! Get Ready Early

The nights begin to draw in sooner. The leaves begin to change colour. There’s an icy chill in the air and we all start pulling on layers when venturing outside. Winter is coming.

And as winter begins to descend, so too does our natural inclination to hibernate. But, as much as we desire nothing more than to curl up inside with a woolly blanket, the winter months actually offer some great opportunities for businesses to bring some seasonal cheer and enjoy a winter season rich in revenue.

Read our top tips for achieving stellar sales this winter season. Make sure to read them all – each could have your cash register ringing louder than a peel of Christmas bells!

Update Your Marketing to Reflect Seasonal Changes

Every day, brands fight for our attention. And so you need to offer something different for your brand to be heard above the ‘noise’.

The great news is that the changing seasons give businesses a great opportunity to create brand marketing that really stands out. Now, we’re not talking about relaunching your website each spring, summer, autumn or winter. Subtle changes can make all the difference. Adding a seasonal product category will attract attention. Or add some Christmas designs to your storefront, menus or website for some festive fun.

Better still, why not add a banner to your website or window to advertise any seasonal or festive events or sales? Creating an eye-catching design with autumnal colours and a clear call to action is a great way to make that important emotional connection with customers.

Bring Out Those Seasonal Lines

Retail businesses understand better than most the importance of seasonal sales. As the cold weather descends, bolster those daily card payments by showcasing your winter stock front and centre.

Whether you own a small fashion boutique or a multi-national chain of retail outlets, catering to customers’ needs across all seasons is paramount. Would you hang your selection of winter coats on mannequins in the shop window in the middle of June? Of course not. June’s a time for light cottonwear. Bring out those seasonal lines in good time for the start of the season and you’ll surely find customers putting their hands in their pockets – and their cards in your payment terminal.

Add a Seasonal New Dish or Two to Your Menu

Seasonal changes present an opportunity for restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars to take their menu up a notch. Throughout the summer months, light dishes, such as fish, pasta and salads are staple menu dishes. Not so much in the winter months.

In the winter months, customers want hearty, wholesome and filling dishes. Comfort food. Think tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Chicken or steak and kidney pies and puddings. Cottage or Shepherd’s pie. Bread and butter pudding. Chocolate cake with double cream. Any card machine for small businesses is likely to be quite active with the right dishes on the menu!

Prepare a winter menu today and you could feast on the rewards in the depths of winter!

Seasonal Celebrations

The winter season boasts more than its fair share of seasonal celebrations. Not just Christmas, but also Bonfire Night and Halloween, and if you have an American connection, maybe even Thanksgiving!  All of them are ideal opportunities to run promotions, attract customer attention and, hopefully, make more sales.

You could run some spooky-themed promotions around Halloween or stock up on some ‘limited availability’ scary products. For Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night, why not have a big bang one-day sale? Reduce all your products or services by ten, twenty or thirty percent for one day only and you’ll surely attract the attention of customers.

Then there’s Christmas itself, of course. The time of the year when customers are happy, even joyful about putting their hands in their pockets. There are few better times of the year to run special offers, stock up on seasonal products and promote your business.

So use the festive period to your advantage. With a bit of planning and customer awareness, you can turn the winter months into the best of the year!

Photo by Javier Molina on Unsplash